After Sales Management

What is FbAli after-sales management system #

After-sales support or after-sales service means supporting or providing services to its customers after buying a product from the business. After-sales service is a modern and very effective tool to satisfy and retain a customer. The safer your capital account will be especially for the dropshipping business, the better after-sales support is.

FbAli after-sales management system is a platform for you to cooperate among your after-sales support staff, your customers, and your source agents. You can track all the processes of your after-sales support depending on our special B2B2C system architecture.

After-sales support status #

  • In processing: there are 2 ways you can start after-sales support requests
    1. Customers could use your exclusive store after-sales link to start an after-sales request, learn How to set your private store after-sales link
    2. You can start after-sales support directly from your source agents & vendors, learn How to process my after-sale issues with my source agents and vendors
  • Completed: completed means your customers and you feel satisfied with after-sales support. And there are 2 ways to complete an after-sales support
    1. Select orders that you want to complete, then click the Completed button, the requests will be completed immediately.
    2. Your source agent could click completed in their platform, and if there are no more disputes, the after-sales requests will be completed automatically after 7 days.

How to start after-sales support with source agents #

  1. Click Orders from the toolbar on the left.
  2. Search the orders which need after-sales support.
  3. Click After Sales button on the right top corner.
  4. Select the reason and mode of after-sales support.
  5. Then you can communicate with your source agents in the chatting pages.

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