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What is FbAli products management system #

Products are one of the key points for a successful dropshipping business. Every product will go through planning, developing, analysis, testing, quoting, and lunching. Effective products management will reduce much time on building a niche store, extending supply chain enterprise and cost calculation.

FbAli products management system is your “product pool“, which is your internal product database, containing all of your meta information for this product, including source agents & vendor, cost, photos, status, and meta description.

How to use FbAli products management system #

Fbali syncs with your connected stores and all your products will automatically appear on the products page. And any new products that appeared in this store will be synced to the FbAli “product pool” directly.

FAQs on the Product management:

How to create a new product #

  1. Log in to your FbAli account
  2. Select +Add products on the right top corner.
  3. Fill in the internal description information for this product
  4. Select Save on the right top corner

How to assign ready products to your stores #

  1. Log in to your FbAli account
  2. Select the products that are ready to test or sell in the left check box
  3. select Assign store
  4. Choose the store
  5. Select submit

How to get quotes from your source agents & vendors #

  1. Log in to your FbAli account
  2. Click Products from the toolbar on the left.
  3. Select the products and click Collect prices on the right top of corner,
  4. Chooe the source agens and the countries that you are maketing in.
  5. Wait until the replies from your source agents.
  6. Click Quoted from the toolbar on the left.
  7. Click the products and you can see the details of quoting from your source agents

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