Getting started with FbAli

Welcome to the documentation of FbAli. With the help of this guide, you will be able to understand the most efficient platform for your dropshipping business. Using the diverse range of features, adequate sourcing agent resources you can scale your dropshipping business to the next level in the next period.

Quick 5-step process to build your own fulfilment platform #

Step 1: Registration #

Register for an account on FbAli #

You can sign up directly from our website using your email account for free!

Step 2: Integration #

Integrate with your favourite eCommerce platforms #

Know more about the FbAli store management system

Step 3: Active #

Connect with your source agent on the FbAli #

A source agent is an alternative to a dropshipping supplier. It’s a person that will source, store, pack, and ship products for your dropshipping store. Good source agents will reduce your cost, improve your product quality, accelerate your shipping speed, and boost your dropshipping business.

Know more about the FbAli source agent management

Step 4: Quoting #

Get the cost from your source agents or vendors #

P.S: If you have quoted the price already, you can jump to step 5 directly

Know more about quoting system and your product pool

Step 5: Launch #

Build data flow between your stores and source agents #

Know more about the orders management systems and store product management system

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