Store Products Management

What is FbAli Store Products #

Thought FbAli Products Management is your internal “product pool”, where you can develop product introduction, import product from other platforms, and get quotations from your source agents. FbAli Store Products is the overview of your sales products and active stores. The product data are automatically synced from your stores to FbAli Store Products.

How to push the products to the Shopify Store #

When you push your products to your stores means that this products are ready for sale.

  1. Select a store on the top of store lists
  2. Select the products that are ready
  3. Click the button Push to Shopify

How to host products to the source agents or vendors #

Hosting: hosting is a status in FbAli, which means when a product is hosted to your source agents, your vendor will be responsible for all the orders containing this product. And you can follow these steps to host your products to your source agents.

  1. Select the store with the products that you want to host
  2. Select the products that you want to host to specific source agents
  3. Click Hosting on the right top of the page
  4. Choose a vendor and select the most countries that you are marketing to
    • FbAli will automatically calculate the estimated shipping price for these countries according to the source agent’s setting
  5. The new orders contacting this product will be pushed to your source agent automatically

How to stop working with source agents #

  1. Select the products
  2. Click the Un hosting on the right top of the page, then choose to Submit
  3. The new orders contacting this product will be in the pending status and no source agent will process the orders containing this product

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