Source Agent Management

What is FbAli source agent management system #

Source agent is an important partner in your dropshipping business because they will help fulfill your orders, including product sourcing, stock purchasing, order packing, parcel shipping, and after-sales support. Working with a good source agent in an efficient way is essential for your boosting dropshipping business. The FbAli source agent management system helps you take deeper looks at your source agents, including exchanging invoices, source agents analysis, and the verification from FbAli.

How to active the source agents #

You can connect sources agent to your account in two ways:

  1. You can get the activation code from your source agents directly, or you can explore our verified source agents in Source Agent & Vendor
  2. You can invitate your curent source agents to work with you on FbAli, in few clicks

If you try to work with a source agent and want a serious and qualified source agent, we recommend you with option #1.

Add source agents #

  1. Get activation code from your source agents if he had registered FbAli before.
  2. You can explore a Source Agent & Vendor that is verified by FbAli.
  3. Click button Add
  4. Fill in the activation code that you get from your source agents or FbAli.

Invite source agents #

  1. Click the button invite, then copy the invitation links to your source agents.
  2. Your source agents will visit a registration page for source agents & vendors.
  3. When your source agents complete the registration, the information will appear on your Source Agent page.

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