FbAli Introduction

FbAli, a new dropshipping solution, helps dropshippers enhance controls on order fulfillment and after-sales service. It offers dropshippper an efficient platform to work with different source agents and vendors. FbAli supports all functions needs to work with good source agents, enabling its users to scale their business to a new level.

All for scaling of dropshipping business #

  • Verified, choosable source agents
  • Invite your own source agents in one click
  • Make all of your source agents in one platform
  • Privacy and data security of your own customers
  • In-time tracking information verifications
  • An intuitive dashboard
  • B2B2C after-sales system for your brand

Key features #

Quoting system #

Wanting a better price, faster shipping lines, better quality assurance, and more timely response, quoting system combines all of your needs in one. Your quoting requests will be distributed to different source agents immediately. And just waiting for replies and choose the best one to scale your dropshipping business.

High-quality after-sales supporting #

With better after-sales support, your dropshipping business will be easier to scale up. And your brand will be longer and more attractive. FbAli allows you to build your own supporting flows from your customers to your assistants then going to your source agents. All of them will work together to make your customer happy with your products, your business, and your brands.

Tracking information verification #

“Where is the package?”, “Is the packages shipped out?”, “why was not my tracking information updated?”. Stop wasting time on tracking information verification. FbAli connects with Chinese shipping carriers directly, and FbAli will show and verify the shipping status in an easier and clearer way.

Source agents recommendation #

Don’t know where to find a good sourcing agent, try to work with a sourcing agent, or wanting different sourcing agents service with different products. FbAli could recommend verified source agents to you, and you can find the source agents on our website to learn more about them,

Data security #

If you connect with your source agent’s ERP, such as DianXiaoMi, your stores, your customers, and your business are naked, Your source agents can take over your business whenever he wants because he knows all about your data. FbAli blocked key data, including customer’s email, sale price, margin data, and so on. FbAli keeps you in the safest position to work with your source agent and vendors.

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